What You Need to Start Working in Video Game Animation

When most of the stuff we see online and on TV is made by people working on computers, including bCasino, we start wondering whether actors have a real purpose, or are they too a product of computers. No, actors are real and beyond necessary, but the truth is that computer generated imagery, or CGI, has been ever so popular since the early 2000s. During the earliest period, it was pretty bad, even in expensive movies. Has that changed? Yes, it has, to the point where actors who were deceased for a while now, had been brought back to life by CGI.

CGI also plays a vital role in video games. It is an essential part of every video game, which means that it is a well-sought job. If you ever wanted to start video game animation, here is where you should start.

Choose Your Profession

Animation can be done in 2D or 3D. Whether you choose one or another can greatly increase your difficulty and learning curve, but it could also make your job pay a lot more. Choosing what you like shouldn’t be done at the very start, without actually having any prior knowledge of animation. This is, however, something you should always have in the back of your mind, because at some point, you are going to have to make a choice. Consciensly learn both 2D and 3D animation until you feel that you have a hang of how both work. When you are ready, pick one and start dedicating your time and energy to it.

Online Courses – The Best Way to Start

Obviously, people are going to say that the best way to start learning video game animation is by starting to make your own animations. The problem with that is that most people don’t know how to make animations in the first place.

Finding a suitable online course should be a good place to start. Choose an appropriate course and learn as much as you can.

Obtain the Right Software

You are as good as your tools are. In the case of a video game animator, you would need to buy the right software. Autodesk Maya, Blender, KeyShot, Adobe Animate and many more are at the top of the list. It all depends whether you plan on doing 3D or 2D animation. Doing a detailed check on all the available software, paid and free, their features and prices, more importantly, is recommended prior to committing to a single program.

The Hardware Also Matters

Imagine creating an animation and then waiting for days for it to render properly. You don’t want that. In order for you not to wait on your machine, you should purchase the right hardware. Luckily, as of 2020, there are plenty of processors and graphics cards to purchase. The software is also up to speed and can make use of highly threaded processors and graphics cards with lots of teraflops. 

Start Practicing

Animation is like any other hobby or profession. You have to practice in order to become good at it. You cannot get better without trying. Tutorials and courses will only get you so far. The sooner you start practicing, even the simplest animations, the better it will be for you once you grasp the basics.

Starting your job as a video game animators requires you to get familiar with the tools, software, hardware and types of animation. Once you do that, committing to a single type of animation is recommended, at least until you start mastering it. Remember to practice regularly and share your projects and get feedback.

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