Top 4 movies of this decade that took animation to a whole new level

As this decade is approaching its end, it can be said for sure that this decade has brought so much diversity in the field of technology. The use of technology has improved many areas of our lives, and one of them is certainly the entertainment industry. It is applied to things like online gaming or even online betting on casinos with the help of the Dream Vegas bonus code, for example. More specifically, modern technology has taken animated movies to a whole new level. So many fascinating movies have been released, especially by Marvel that has taken animation to extremes, in a positive way, of course. Modern animations and graphics have made so many children and adults fall in love with animated movies. Here are the top 4 movies of this decade that have enchanted lots of people.  


One of the best-known movies of this decade, Frozen, came out in 2013 and it is considered one of the best Disney’s originals ever. It seems like it came out of nowhere and it has made a huge impact on so many people with its story, music, and animation. It was the best animated movie in 2013 and its funny animations and story make it perfect both for kids and adults.

Thanks to its amazing success, a sequel, Frozen 2, came out last November. Although Frozen 2 won’t cause the same emotions as its predecessor, it will still be one of the best-made movies of this decade.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is another fantastic animated movie created by Walt Disney Pictures and it was announced the best animated movie of 2014. It is a story of probably the cutest-looking robot in the history of animated movies, which has not only made so many people fall in love with the movie but also with the animations and graphics. Having in mind that 12 supercomputers were used to create this animated movie, it’s no wonder that Big Hero 6 has been such a huge success. It is a brilliant movie to watch especially if you want to spend some time with your kids and also enjoy yourself.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was created by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animations in association with Marvel and was released in 2018. The new Spider-Man takes place in another dimension and it is a lot different from its predecessors and the comics it was originally based on. Thanks to its unique story, amazing animations, and the unique vibrant colors, it has made a lot of people fall in love with it. It is considered one of the best animated movies of this decade by a great number of people, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, it is high time you did that.  

The Lion King

The remake of the legendary movie The Lion King from 1994 was released in 2019 by Walt Disney Pictures and it is considered one of the best animated movies of this decade and probably one of the best animated movies ever. The creators of the movie didn’t want to add anything new to the original story, but they made it look breathtaking. Everything in the movie, the animals and the jungle, looks absolutely amazing. It is like you are watching real animals in the wilderness talking to each other. The best way to enjoy this amazing movie to the fullest is to play it on a 3D TV and put on a pair of 3D glasses. If not, you should definitely go to the cinema and watch the movie in 3D. The extraordinary animations in the movie will leave you speechless. 

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