Top 3 tools for making animated explainer videos

Whenever you get an idea that you want to learn something new or find more information about something, you can go online and look for a tutorial on that topic. Technology enables us to do anything we want from the comfort of our homes, be it gambling online with the Admiral Casino bonus, or watching educational videos online. We are extremely lucky that a lot of people want to share their knowledge in such a way. However, not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, which may deter some people from making tutorials. Fortunately, there are programs that can help you create animated explainer videos and you will never have to worry about how you look in front of the camera.  


PowToon is an amazing program specially designed for video makers who want to explain something for educational purposes or training purposes. You can choose between Infographics, Presentation, Explainer Video, and Video Ads. The Video Ads feature is fantastic if you want to create an advertisement.

The program is quite user-friendly and it has a very simple interface. You can also find a lot of tutorials that can help you learn about all the features that PowToon has to offer. When it comes to creating presentations, it has many premade templates that you can use to help you with your schoolwork. It has some unique animations for presentations and it is a lot different from other such programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want to test this program, you can do it for free.


Wideo is probably one of the most famous programs when it comes to creating professional animated videos and presentations. It allows you to export your videos to Youtube and share interactive links. It has over 1300 different images and over 50 music tracks that you can use in your video and all of that is, of course, in full HD. Apart from its use to create explainer videos, Wideo can be used to make product presentations as well as tutorials and promotional videos. Some features of this program can be used for free, but its best features are reserved for those who decide to pay for it. If you’re really into creating these types of videos and you want to make a living out of this on Youtube, we recommend buying the whole package and enjoying this program as much as you can.


Mysimpleshow was released a short time ago and it is the most unique program for making explainer videos there is. As you probably already know, making a video can take a lot of time because you have to pay attention to many things. However, if you use Mysimpleshow, you can do this in a much faster way because this program has storyline templates that allow users to make animated videos in a simpler and quicker way. You start making your video by selecting a storyline and then you follow the program’s advice and the best examples regarding making a perfect video. There are 7 steps in this program and there are also a lot of tutorials that you can use to get familiar with the program. Of course, this program is not free, but it’s certainly worth the money.

These are some of the best programs that you can use to create animated explainer videos. Of course, there are not the only programs of the kind, so you should keep exploring your options.

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