The Popularity of Studio Ghibli’s Animated Movies

Popularity comes and goes, but some things stay there, as classics. What makes some of these things better than others? Why is one thing a classic and another, not a classic? Well, it depends.

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Just like there are classics in any industry, Studio Ghibli is famous for its animated movies, leaving their own mark on the world. Their work is full of classics. Why are they so popular? Here are a couple of reasons.

Great Worlds

When we are immersed in a story, a couple of things captivate us. Among the many things, worldbuilding is a must. When the entire world in which the story takes place is inviting and well-done, then we can enjoy the story without anything poking us and disturbing us. For animated movies, worldbuilding is one of the primary ways to reach an audience.

The art itself has to match the world in one way or another.

It can also be dissonant, but it has to make sense, otherwise, you just find yourself frowning at a bad attempt to make something look different. Studio Ghibli always gets it right.

The Characters

A story is also driven by its characters. Animated movies, like most movies, have to have great characters, otherwise, we might like the art but hate everything else. While the art is obviously great in Ghibli movies, the characters are also more than just memorable.

You can see that they were developed with a purpose, you can see them grow, change and through the entire process, connect to us and send us clear messages. Whether young or adult, Ghibli movies have a message for everyone, at any age. 

The Animations and Details

When the animations are bad in an animated movie, well, that is like the frame of a car being very bad, and you have to drive and use that car. Animations have to be good or at least, decent, otherwise watching a movie will be torture.

Ghibli is also known for its attention to detail. A touch of a symbol here, a bit there, and when you watch other movies, you see that they are bland and missing a lot of visual input that a recent great movie you watched had. Attention to detail gets us, particularly if it is the right kind of attention to detail. Being overly pedantic and getting the other things wrong is not going to work.

A Touch of Realism

When the world you are building is so easy to connect to, then it must also feature some things from the actual real world. That is true for most Ghibli movies, which get the details and stories right from the get-go.

This is due to rigorous research or rather, the creators getting involved by actually visiting the places whose culture and history they are making use of. That sends a much clearer and more professional message, but also one which instantly resonates with people. The effort is always appreciated. 

Studio Ghibli animated movies are masterpieces and we love them and the studio itself for the reasons mentioned above. 

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