Movies With the Worst CGI

Our world, the digital one, started about 60 years ago, when transistors were turned into devices capable of doing lots of computing. Today, computers are small and they fit in our hands. Machines are able to render in seconds what once took days. 

Rendering is an important part of today’s visual world, because computer-generated imagery makes up most of our video games and tv shows, not to mention movies. Speaking of movies, they had quite a rough start when CGI was breaking through. As it often happens, when something is new, you have plenty of examples of bad implementation. Following is a list of movies with the worst CGI.

Deep Blue Sea

This movie once left a terrifying impression on a child once. When that child watched the movie once more, it laughed its heart out. The reason for that is the sharks, animated in the movie, were as terrible as they could get. The movie’s plot revolves around shark research, which ended up in the sharks getting bigger, smarter and more importantly, more aggressive. Samuel J. Jackson is often ranting. In this particular rant, a very, very, ugly CGI shark jumps out of the water (which they really don’t do), and eats him as he’s ranting. Looking back, this is one of the worst scenes in the history of CGI. What was once very scary is now laughable.

The Mummy Returns

We all love Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but most people would rather forget this movie. The first Mummy also had a terrible CGI scene. Remember when Imhotep’s skeleton was normal and ugly, very, very disturbing, and the next moment, it looks like bad CGI? Yeah, if that were a bit more polished, Imhotep would’ve been much scarier.

The movie which followed it wasn’t better, unfortunately. Compared to some rather funny movies, which aren’t meant to be taken seriously, like Sharknado, or Scary Movie, The Mummy Returns is downright bad in CGI terms. The last fight between The Rock and Brendan Fraser is scary in the sense of The Rock’s face not being properly attached to an already bad looking scorpion-man.

The First Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone is a movie everyone loves watching, especially on Christmas. Comparing the first and the last movie, it is like night and day. The first movie should’ve been called Harry Potter and the Bad CGI. Whether the troll in the bathroom or Voldermort’s face, you pick one and you will be terrified. Not even the power of magic and belief can make bad CGI become believable.

The Hulk (2003)

The first Hulk movie, one that people would rather forget. This movie is interesting, as it is one of the first superhero movies of the 2000s, yet it is also one people would rather forget whenever they see the Hulk. Ang Lee, the director, a very good director, at that, allowed this abomination to be created. Though, none of us remember him for The Hulk, but we do remember him for Life of Pi, a movie which everyone gave a thumbs up to, when they saw the CGI (which was almost the entire movie).

I Am Legend

This movie is wonderful, but when you see the infected, the zombies, if you will, you will start panicking and immediately get the desire to stop watching. No, the zombies aren’t scary. Yes, they are bad CGI. All of the CGI went into making New York empty, apparently.

These are the most popular movies you are likely to see, with the worst CGI. Try not to make grimaces of pain when you see them.

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