Is Video Game Animation a Profitable Line of Work? – Is Video Game Animation a Job for You?

Video games have been made since the 1960s. Yes, they were a bit simple back then, but so was every pioneering project. Today, games are amazing, and you can make choices which impact entire environments and cities. People in games will love you or hate you for it, some staying indifferent. For those behind the scenes, the writers usually take the flak if the game’s story is bad. If, on the other hand, the animations are bad, the visual team gets ugly fan mail. 

But, people love using N1 casino welcome bonus and playing video games and studios love making them. As an animator, specifically a video game animator, is the job a good one, financially speaking? Will you earn a lot of money? It depends on how much money is a lot to you.

It Depends on How Much You Know

As an animator, you can get paid more or less, depending on your knowledge. On a yearly basis, you can earn as much as 55,000 dollars, yearly, as someone starting in video game animation in the United States. With time and experience, you can increase your salary, which is to be expected. Experienced animators can earn as much as 100,000 dollars yearly, with an average of 6 years of experience. But, your knowledge isn’t the only thing which will determine the price.

Where You are in the World Matters

As it is with sports and with other careers, where you are located in the world matters and it will determine your salary. If you are working somewhere, out of a basement, in a startup company which is planning on chain-releasing video games for the mobile market, you will not be earning a lot. If you work for a large studio like Rockstar or CD Projekt Red, you are far more likely to get paid more. This also varies by country. In the United States, California and Washington are the highest-paying states for animators. 

Is it Worth it for You?

This is always the question you should be striving to answer. Speaking from a strictly financial point, an animator’s work is not the highest-paid. You would earn far more as a judge or any professional athlete, provided that you are successful and near the top.

But, money shouldn’t be an issue if you have more than enough to live and get by, and to save and build yourself a future. It is even better if the job you’re doing is the one you love. With animation, like with any other job, love and passion should be what’s driving you.

A video game animator’s job is a well paying job, especially if you have experience.

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