How Are Sports Video Games Developed?

As their name suggests, sports games are games where, in one way or another, some kind of real-life sport is simulated, and it is usually played on some kind of platform; the most popular ones are PC, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, and countless others. Sports games focus on different parts of the game: some might focus on skill, while others might require the player to do more strategic thinking, as opposed to playing the actual sport (think of the difference between FIFA and Football Manager, for example). Sports games are usually released every year so that the state of the players and the teams in the game can reflect that in real life, for the players, who are usually also fans of Marathonbet, to have the optimal experience.

The history of sports video games

Sports games are among the oldest genre of video games ever; one of the oldest video games ever was Atari’s Pong, released in 1972. A year later the game Davis Cup was released; it was played by players in doubles. At the beginning of the eighties, the first extreme sports game was released, Alpine Ski, and a few years later the 3D gaming view was introduced. Soon after, playing against the computer became a reality, which today comprises a great part of sports video games. The nineties saw rapid development in video games, including the development of 16-bit systems, and several new game releases. By 1997, it was noted that half of all purchased software games were sports games. In the meantime, as well as in the years to come, motion detection was developed, which has revolutionized sports games, by enabling players to use the full movement of their bodies in order to play games. Big video game companies, such as EA, also started making contracts with sports organizations and buying exclusive rights for their video game representation.

How are sports video games made?

As we mentioned previously, many sports games, like FIFA, PES, or NBA are released annually, to keep the situation in the game up to date with the real-life state of affairs. Thanks to that, the developers of these games can reuse a significant portion of the old editions of the game, and thus significantly reduce the time they need to complete the entire game. There are numerous teams of people who work on creating each component of the game, and there can be as many as two hundred people working on a game. There are artists, animators, programmers, producers, and many other people who are hired to make a game.

Significant steps in the development

The gameplay is one of the most important elements of the game, and the team working on it must ensure that the entire game runs smoothly and that the gamers have the optimal experience. In order to make the game believable, and as close to real-life as possible, script producers work on the lines of the characters of commentators that follow the course of the game, and whose responses depend on what the player does.

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