5 Movies that Prove that Classic Effects Need to Make a Comeback

If you are a fan of old movies, you probably miss all the amazing classic effects that made those films unforgettable. Technology has improved immensely, but there are some things we wouldn’t mind seeing again in today’s movies. Even though there are many benefits to today’s technology, like the possibility to bet online with the Sportingbet New Customer Offer wherever we are, sometimes the old ways can still be good. Having said that, here are 5 movies that prove that classic effects need to make a comeback.

King Kong

Even though this movie came out in 1933, it still manages to shock everybody with its amazing effects, especially if you pay attention to how realistic the monster looks. Instead of using CGI to create King Kong, this movie used classic effects that give it a dose of uniqueness that the later adaptations just could not achieve with their modern effects. To make King Kong look real, the creators used stop-motion photography, one of the classic effects which need to make a comeback. 

Friday the 13th

Everyone who watched this movie in 1980 when it came out remembers how frightening and hair-raising this movie was. The big part of that were all the deaths that looked unbelievably real, no matter if it was decapitation or getting stabbed with an arrow. Even people who watch it now admit that no modern movie could compare to Friday the 13th when it comes to goriness and bloodshed. This was all achieved using makeup and some special effects that we hardly see nowadays. Modern films have a lot to learn from Tom Savini, the brain behind these amazing classic effects. 

The Thing

This is one of the best horror films among the lovers of this genre, and it’s all because of its effects. Rob Bottin did his best work on this movie as he created all the scary and disgusting creatures that make you wonder: how did they do that? Well, with some great practical effects that put today’s CGI to shame. If you decide to watch it, be careful – this is unlike anything you see in cinemas today. 


Another movie that successfully terrified its audience in 1979, and continues to do so today is Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. Horror is one of the most popular film genres today, so how was this movie able to stand out? The amazing effects had to have something to do with the popularity of the movie, and we have H.R. Giger to thank for them. The film features many unique and creepy creatures, but the best one has to be the alien itself. It looks so real that it could easily give you nightmares for days – but in reality, it is just a gay wearing a latex suit. 

An American Werewolf In London

People love werewolf movies now as much as they did in 1981 when An American Werewolf In London came out. One thing in particular that we love to see are the transformation scenes where the guy finally turns into a werewolf. These are usually done with CGI nowadays, and unfortunately, they all look the same. In An American Werewolf In London however, no CGI was used and we can just say that Rick Baker, the artist behind this, deserved his Oscar after this film. 

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