5 Best Animated Commercials in History

There are various ways you can advertise your product. You can place an ad in the newspaper, on the radio or online like paddy power promotion code, but by far, the most effective way to advertise is with a video format. Since the invention of television, people have recorded commercials intending to attract as many new customers to their products. Things got even more serious with professional actors in commercials; over two-thirds of businesses report that professionally done video commercials helped them increase business; moreover, another way to really attract the attention of the public is certainly animated commercials.

What are the advantages of animated commercials?

First of all, animated commercials appeal to the child in us. We are far more interested in subject matter when it is presented in a creative and colorful way – this is why companies like Google or Apple spend a lot of money on artists who can make the best possible animations for their products. Furthermore, sometimes animation makes complex concepts easier to understand. All of this is why animated commercials are so popular.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox launched its famous animated commercial “What is Dropbox?” in 2015. The video saw a quick rise in popularity, and its fun animations appealed to many people who watched it. The “What is Dropbox?” animation is definitely the best of all the commercials listed here, which is supported by the number of views the commercial has on YouTube –over 12.5 million.

2. Project Sunroof

Project Sunroof is a program created by Google based on Google Maps, which uses the data to map how many sun hours your roof receives during the year, for you to know where to place your new solar panels. Moreover, you can also calculate how much money you will be saving every year, once you do install your panels. The commercial itself is very colorful, in order to illustrate the exposure of roofs to the sun, and narrated with a very pleasant voice, so that the audience is relaxed and interested throughout the commercial.

3. Reactions

Facebook launched a commercial in 2016 to introduce the new reactions to Facebook posts, and this one had no narration; it features an animated orange dog that plays with a ball and chases a butterfly. This one, though lacking verbal description, does not fail to easily explain how the new reaction options are used.

4. Arfan the Engineer

Animated commercials do not have to be entirely fictional; this one, launched by British Gas in 2015, shows us an animated story narrated by one of the engineers at the company, who tells us of the time he went out of his way so that his customer could get married on time.

5. Dumb Ways to Die

Not all commercials are made to attract customers; some are made as a warning to people. Such is this one, from Metro Trains Melbourne, which was launched in 2012, and is probably the most awarded one on this list. It features a very catchy song, and a plethora of animated characters that die in very absurd ways, with a very simple and straightforward message –to keep safe around trains. This commercial was very effective, as it reduced the number of accidents by almost thirty percent, and it is still very popular, with almost 170 million views on YouTube.

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